making chest x-rays for children a comfortable
and enjoyable experience

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Improving the Pediatric X-Ray Examination Process

For medical professionals in the radiology industry, it is vital to produce a high-quality diagnostic image. Browning Ball is developed to remove the scapulae, also known as shoulder blades, from the view in the lung field. This easy-to-clean device is made of medical-grade foam and can also be used in areas such as:

  • Upright Abdomen
  • Axillary Shoulder
  • Bedside Chest (Portable)
  • Cross-Table Lateral Hip
  • Lateral Chest

Why Choose the Browning Ball

Easy to Use

The Browning Ball helps pediatric patients feel relaxed and comfortable in the exam room. This makes the procedure quicker to complete and easier for the child and the technologist.


Unlike other devices, the Browning Ball is effective, updated, and suitable for all ages. It provides a more playful and stress-free approach rather than restraining or immobilizing the child.


Costing only $595.00, this device is significantly more affordable by hundreds of dollars than other radiographic equipment. It even allows medical professionals to reproduce the images easily.