What does it do?   The Browningball removes the scapula from view

                                                                                      in the lung field.

                                                                                      And eases the patients fear of the exam.


                                                      How do I use it ?                                              

                                                                                   *The patient is in the AP (anterior-posterior) position; 

                                                                                     standing, sitting, or in the bed, for the chest or upright abdomen.

                                                                                     *The patient must hug the ball

                                                                                     on the chest, resting the chin on the ball.   (if possible).

                                                                                     Ensure that the hands or fingers are not in the primary beam.

                                                                                    * For the Lateral position - raise the ball above the head.               


The black velcro straps are not handles, they are to be used when a patient can't hug the ball. They go over the arms, so they can hug the ball.


                                                      How do I clean it ?

                                                                                     Use any standard Hospital disinfectant.